Buffet menus

egetables & Hot Dishes

* Hot Potatoes
Piping Hot Medium Chat Potatoes cooked in their Jackets, Basted in Garlic Herb Butter for that extra touch of Flavour and Sprinkled with Paprika
* Country Potato Bake
The dish that keeps your guests coming back for more. Hearty Slices of Pontiac Potatoes, layered and baked with Cream, Bacon, Shallots and Grated Cheese.
* Warm Italian Pasta
Al Dente'(cooked just right)Spirelli Pasta in an Authentic Italian Neapolitana Sauce.Topped with freshly shaved Parmesan & Parsley.
* Moroccan Spiced Vegetable Curry (VEG)
Selection of Eggplant, Zucchini, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower cooked in a Spicy Moroccan Curry
Pasta Carbonara
Traditional Italian Dish of Spirelli Pasta, with Diced Bacon and a Creamy Cheese Sauce. This will compliment your other choices.
* Fried Rice
Long Grain White Rice, Sliced Egg, Finely Diced Bacon, Peas & Shallots, stir fried with an Oyster Sauce.
* Indian Rice
Basmati rice, lentils, chickpeas, almonds, currants in a tasty green tomato pickle