Christmas Menus

uggested Xmas Buffet Menu

Included in Package
 Trained & Uniformed Staff to set up the Decorated Banquet Table, Carve and assist your Guests with the Buffet

Quality China Crockery & Cutlery.

Condiments. Clearing & removal of all food waste.


* Whole Baked Glazed Leg Ham- Carved in front of Guests
Baked Leg Ham, served Hot from the Carvery with a Selection of Condiments
* Chicken Schnitzel
Tender Breast of Chicken, Coated in Breadcrumbs, Oven Baked .
* Hot Potatoes
Piping Hot Medium Chat Potatoes cooked in their Jackets, Basted in Garlic Herb Butter for that extra touch of Flavour and Sprinkled with Paprika
* Greek Salad
A variety of Fresh Lettuce Mix, Sliced Spanish Onions, Sliced Cucumber, Ripe Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives & Fetta Cheese garnished with a Traditional Dressing.
* Tossed Garden Salad
A Variety of Fresh Lettuce Mix, Sliced Spanish Onions, Thin Strips of Red & Yellow Capsicum for that touch of Colour, Sliced Lebanese Cucumber and Tomato Quarters topped with Kalamata Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and Traditional Dressing.
New Italian Pasta Salad
Spaghetti with fresh vegetables & herbs in a basil dressing
* Indian Rice
Basmati rice, lentils, chickpeas, almonds, currants in a tasty green tomato pickle
Bread Rolls
A Traditional Baker's Basket of Oven Fresh Dinner Rolls.
Black Forest Gateau
Kirsh soaked Chocolate Sponge, layered with Fresh Cream, Sour Red Cherries & finished with Grated Chocolate.
Creamy Cheesecake
Fresh & Light this Classic Cream Cheesecake, set on a Butter Sweet Pastry Base, with a Light Lemon Tang. This is an ideal all year round favourite.