Corporate Lunches

ample Menu No. 1

Included in Package
Trained & Uniformed Professional Staff to set up Decorated Banquet Table, Carve & assist Guests with the Buffet, all China Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery and 2ply Disposable Dinner Napkins, Clear and Removal of all Food Waste.

Marinated Chicken
Lean Chicken Fillets, marinated in Hoi Sin Sauce & Roasted to Perfection and Served to your guests from the buffet
Beef & Bean Burritos
Original Texas Chilli Beef with Tomatoes, Red Kidney Beans, Onion, Corn combined with Selected Herbs & Spices, then rolled in a Mexican Tortilla and Baked with a Topping of Salsa Sauce & Grated Cheese.
* Fried Rice
Long Grain White Rice, Sliced Egg, Finely Diced Bacon, Peas & Shallots, stir fried with an Oyster Sauce.
* Greek Salad
A variety of Fresh Lettuce Mix, Sliced Spanish Onions, Sliced Cucumber, Ripe Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives & Fetta Cheese garnished with a Traditional Dressing.
Bread Rolls
A Traditional Baker's Basket of Oven Fresh Dinner Rolls.
Fruit Basket
Our Fabulous Fresh Fruit Basket Filled with Sliced Seasonal Fruit. the centre piece of the buffet.