Cocktail Finger Food

raditional Finger Food Menu Selections

Included in this Menu:
Trained, Professional, Uniformed Staff on site for a maximum of 3 hours.

Staff Charges Apply separately for this Menu.
NOTE Staff are on site for 3 hours, comprising of 2 hours tray service and 1 hour preparation and pack up.
We provide our own commercial heating equipment, preparation table, cocktail napkins and all necessary condiments to compliment your selection.
Removal of all food waste at completion of function.

To allow you to tailor a menu to suit your requirements, please browse the range below and make a selection of FIVE choices. (average of 10-12 pieces per person)

Cheese & Cabanossi Platter
Cubed Australian Tasty Cheese & Sliced Cabanossi, served with Crackers & Decorated with Finger Slices of Fruit.
Dim Sims
Traditional Chinese Mini Dim Sims in Won Ton Wrappers. Oven Baked & served Hot.
Mini Pizzas
Individual Size Supreme Pizzas of Ham, Tomato, Onion, Capsicum & Cheese on a Crisp Base.
Tempura Fish Pieces
Tempura Batter, Oven Baked and served with Aioli.
Cocktail Quiches
A Selection of Bacon & Egg, Cheese & Spinach and Tomato Fillings in a Petite Butter Pastry Case
Cocktail Chicken Bites
Finely Chopped Chicken with Selected Herbs & Spices,Oven Cooked to seal in the flavour and served with Selected Dipping Sauces
Bite-Size Balls of Lean Minced Beef & Selected Herbs & Spices - chargrilled to enhance the Flavour.
Pastry Rolls
Petite Puff Pastry Rolls, filled with a selection of Vegetables with a Touch of Curry - Traditional Sausage - Cheese & Spinach.
Prawn Toast
Finely Shredded Prawn Meat spread on Small Fingers of Toast, coated with Sesame Seeds & oven baked till Golden Brown.
Spring Rolls
A Chinese Delicacy of Minced Cabbage, Carrot, Onion & Traditional Spices in a Rice Paper Wrapper.
Falafel Mediterranean Nuggets
A Vegetarian's Delight of Mixed Mediterranean Vegetable Balls
A combination of Potato & Assorted Vegetables and Mild Curry in a Petite Pastry Puff.