Cocktail Finger Food

ample Cocktail Party Menu No.3

Included in Package
Trained, Professional, Uniformed Staff on site for a maximum of 3 hours,Staff costs = $37.50 per hour/per Staff
NOTE This comprises of 1 hour to prepare and cook and 2 hours to tray service your guests.
We provide our own commercial heating equipment, preparation table, cocktail napkins and all necessary condiments to compliment your selection.
Removal of all food waste at completion of function.

Try something a little different with our Cosmopolitan Boxes - choose two to add to your selection

Individual Anti-Pasto Platter
Assorted Prosciutto ,Marinated Chicken Fillet,Smoked Salmon , Char Grilled Vegetables, Marinated Artichokes, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Baby Boccincini cheese. Assorted Marinated Olives .
Malayasian Meatballs
Tasty Meatballs of Tender Spiced Lamb, with Authentic Malayasian Herbs to give a Delicious Asian Flavour.
Vegetable Samosas
Spicy Indian style Curry & Vegetables in delicate Pastry Crescents.
Chicken Satays
Skewered Chicken Fillet, marinated in our own Satay Sauce.
Tempura Fish Pieces
Tempura Batter, Oven Baked and served with Aioli.
Gourmet Petite Cocktail Pies
An Assortment of Petite Gourmet Cocktail Pies, including Pepper Steak & Mushroom, Chicken Florentine and Lamb & Rosemary.
Cosmopolitan Boxes
Your choice of two of the following varieties
Singapore Noodle Boxes
Delightful Asian Noodles, with Prawns, Egg, BBQ Pork & Shallots & a Spicy Curry Sauce served in our cosmopolian boxes with splayds