Cocktail Finger Food

ample Cocktail Party Menu no. 2

Included in Package
Trained, Professional, Uniformed Staff on site for a maximum of 3 hours,
NOTE This comprises of 1 hour to prepare and cook and 2 hours to tray service your guests.
We provide our own commercial heating equipment, preparation table, cocktail napkins and all necessary condiments to compliment your selection.
Removal of all food waste at completion of function.

Gourmet Sandwiches
An Assortment of Sliced French Baguettes Open Sandwiches with Gourmet Toppings including, Rare Roast Beef & Fruit Chutney - Roasted Chicken Breast and Sliced Avocado - Double Smoked Ham and Jarlsberg Cheese - Plain Salad of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Alfalfa Sprouts - Basil Pesto, Sliced Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Parmesan Cheese.
Gourmet Petite Cocktail Pies
An Assortment of Petite Gourmet Cocktail Pies, including Pepper Steak & Mushroom, Chicken Florentine and Lamb & Rosemary.
Bite-Size Balls of Lean Minced Beef & Selected Herbs & Spices - chargrilled to enhance the Flavour.
Pork Riblet Fingers
Boneless Riblets of Pork, marinated in a Tasty Plum Sauce and slow roasted to trap in the Juices.
Tempura Fish Pieces
Tempura Batter, Oven Baked and served with Aioli.
Chicken Wing Things
Fresh Chicken Wing & Drum Pieces marinated in Satay Sauce and slow roasted to seal in the flavour.
Cheese & Spinach Pastizzis
Baked till Golden Brown.
Cheese & Fruit Platters
As assortment of Cheeses, decorated with Fresh & Dried Fruits and Nuts and served with Crackers.