Cocktail Finger Food

osmopolitan Boxes

A Unique Method of serving a Variety of Fillings from around the World
Your Choice of two from the following

These boxes can be added to any Finger Food menu at the additional cost per person.

Beef Ravioli
Small Pasta Pillows filled with Tender Beef, served with an Authentic Italian Neapolitana Sauce and sprinkled with Fresh Parmesan Cheese
Hokkein Noodles
Delicious Egg Noodles with a Combination of Barbequed Pork & Vegetables in an Asian Sauce, Served in a Box with Chopsticks or Splayds
Pork Riblets & Fried Rice
Lean Boneless Pieces of Pork, cooked in a Spicy Plum Sauce, accompanied by Chinese Fried Rice, served in a Box with Splayds or Chopsticks
Veal Tortellini
Tender Veal Encased in Spinach, Pumpkin, and Plain Pasta Pockets, with your choice of a Rich Neapolitana or Creamy Carbonara Sauce with a Sprinkling of Parmesan.
Thai Style Meatballs & Rice
Spicy Thai Meatballs with a Lemongrass & Chilli Flavour, served on a bed of Steamed Rice with a Sweet Chilli Sauce
Original Texas Chilli Beef on a bed of Corn Chips accompanied with our Famous Guacomole and Sour Cream in our Cosmopolitan Box
Petite Whiting & Fried Rice
Small Fillets of Sand Whiting, coated in Breadcrumbs, and Baked until just Golden Brown, served on a bed of Fried Rice with a Sweet Chilli Sauce
Vegetarian Pasta
Penne Pasta, tossed with a Pinenut & Basil Pesto Sauce with a Sprinkling of Fresh Parmesan, served in our Cosmopolitan Box with Splayd