Sample Menus

ample Hot Appetiser Main & Dessert Menu

Included in Package
Trained & Uniformed Professional Staff to set up Decorated Banquet Table, Cook & Tray Service Appetisers, Carve & assist Guests with the Buffet, all China Plates, Stainless Steel Cutlery and 2ply Disposable Dinner Napkins, Clear and Removal of all Food Waste.

Appetisers :  
A Selection of Hot Appetisers, including Cocktail Chicken Bites, Malaysian Meatballs and Assorted Pastries

Prime Yearling Beef, & Succulent Pork Slow Roasted to Seal in the Juices., and served direct from the Carvery.
Hot Potatoes Piping Hot Medium Chat Potatoes cooked in their Jackets, Basted in Garlic Herb Butter for that extra touch of Flavour and Sprinkled with Paprika
Whole Baked Pumpkin Specially Selected Pumpkin filled with our own Unique Blend of Seasoning, Baked Whole from which your Guests are served Individual Portions
Garden Salad  A Variety of Fresh Lettuce Mix, Sliced Spanish Onions, Thin Strips of Red & Yellow Capsicum for that touch of Colour, Sliced Lebanese Cucumber and Tomato Quarters topped with Kalamata Olives, Cherry Tomatoes and French Dressing.
Wild Rice & Chick Pea Salad Combining basmati & wild rice, capers, baby corn, chickpeas, fresh vegetables & herbs in a lemon dressingGourmet
Thai Noodle Salad
  Hokkien noodles w crisp vegetables & sesame seeds in a thai style chilli sauce
Fruit Our Fabulous Fresh Fruit Basket Filled with Sliced Seasonal Fruit.
Bread  A Traditional Baker's Basket of Oven Fresh Dinner Rolls.

Chocolate Mud Cake
An indulgent blend of Moist, Dense, Melt-in-your Mouth Mud Cake, covered with a Rich Chocolate Cream Ganache garnished with Fresh Cream.
Creamy Cheesecake Fresh & Light this Classic Cream Cheesecake, set on a Butter Sweet Pastry Base, with a Light Lemon Tang. This is an ideal all year round favourite.