Table Service

able Service Entree - Choose Two

Wait & Kitchen Staff Charges Apply.

Haloumi & Toasted Pancetta Salad
Chargrilled Haloumi,Crisy Pancetta,Walnuts & Orange Segmets , on a bed of Baby Roquette - Balsamic Dressing.
Individual Anti-Pasto Platter
Assorted Prosciutto ,Marinated Chicken Fillet,Smoked Salmon , Char Grilled Vegetables, Marinated Artichokes, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Baby Boccincini cheese. Assorted Marinated Olives .
Agnollotti Pasta
Pasta pockets filled with a parmesan,basil & tomato mousse , topped with a Tuscan cream sauce & fresh basil.
Chicken Caesar Salad
Sliced Roast Chicken on a Bed of Crisp Cos Lettuce, Combined with freshly cooked diced Bacon and Croutons with our own special Caesar Dressing and freshly shaved Parmesan .
Smoked Salmon Entree
Thin Slices of Rolled Fresh Atlantic Salmon, served on a Mesculin Leaf with our own Horseradish Cream & Capers.
Thai Beef Salad
Finely Sliced Cold Marinated Rare Roast Beef Served on a Bed of Asian Greens with a Delicious Thai Dressing.